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Insurance Options.

Insurance Options

Customized to Fit Your Needs

We provide our clients with a list of all the insurance programs that they can choose from. After discussing the pros and cons of each, we form a joint plan to negotiate with the insurance companies of your choice. We will benchmark your claims and rates against other staffing firms in your state and use this information to make certain that you get the lowest premium.

Trinite Corp. provides knowledge about the newest and most unique ways to handle the burden of Workers Compensation. This includes Group Captives, Self Insurance, Large Deductibles, Single Cell Captives, and Retro Programs. Interested staffing firms receive a full analysis of the various programs and an estimate of their cost savings. If you choose to pursue any of these programs, Trinite will work with the insurance companies to custom tailor an insurance program for your staffing firm.

Trinite Corp. provides the most transparency to their clients. Every insurance option in a proposal includes detailed accounts of commissions and fees. Our open communication allows staffing firm owners to have the most control in choosing a long-term partner that has their best interests in mind.